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French Nails in 1, 2, 3!

It is rather simple to get the look of perfect French nails and this is something you can even do yourself with a few easy steps. The primary task is to clean your fingernails well; remove any remnants of nail polish and the like; also, file your nails into shape. Not accomplishing this preliminary requirement will only lead to unpleasant outcomes where time and effort will surely be wasted.

The second step is soaking your fingernails in a warm water bath; this softens the cuticles. It is important to soften the cuticles as making French nails require trimming any excessive skin along the nail. If you attempt working with untreated cuticles, you are well on your way to possible cuts or wounds that are simply unattractive.

Prepare the cuticle by gently pushing the cuticles back with an orange stick; the first time you try doing this, you might encounter a lot of cuticle; simply use some cuticle remover to manage this. Take some time when managing cuticle build up in order to limit any possible wounds that may surface as you do the task; see as it delivers better results when doing French nails. Do not miss applying hand cream to the nails and rub them in well; leave the cream in for about two to three minutes and wipe away any excess cream with some facial tissue. To protect the cuticles you have just worked on, hand cream is necessary; the hand cream also serves a second purpose of keeping the fingernails moist enough. When this step has been accomplished, now is when you decide in relation to what nail polishes you will be using.

Polish can now be applied to you French nails; start with a clear basecoat allowing each fingernail to dry very well afterwards. Applying a basecoat is essential in this process because it is responsible for the foundation of the final outcome. A good tip when applying polish is to have some patience and let each coat dry well enough before another one is painted on to avoid clumping afterwards.

After your basecoat has dried, choose a pale shade polish that matches the color of the nail plate and apply a thin layer over the basecoat. Reapply thin layers of this neutral colored polish about three times and of course let each coat dry completely before another layer is done; three minutes each will do the trick. Finally, to achieve the look of French nails it is now the time to apply the white strip on the end of the fingernails.

Interested? Take a look at this post on French Nails. Painting the tips completes the French manicured style; coats of opaque colored polishes are applied in contrast with the pale foundation; you can never go wrong with white or beige nail polish for this step. For the fingernail ends, the same rule applies; let each coat dry completely before another one is painted over it. Usually, French nails are done by painting a strip of white polish straight across the nail but you can opt to go with the natural curve of the nails when you apply the coats so as to make your nails appear longer.

Finalize the polish work with a clear coat applied on top of all the previous layers. Clean the edges of the nail by using an orangewood stick and a piece of cotton moistened with some nail polish remover. It will now take a longer wait before you can start using your hands, about an hour or so; to achieve wonderful nails be sure not to ignore this crucial step in the overall process.

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